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Travis Luedke here, with a quick message for ASMSG members — new hot trends in Kindle Publishing!

Although I don’t write in the mystery-suspense genre, I do write most of my fiction with strong Female character points of view. I see the popular fiction trends, and I know who my audience is (women readers). What I didn’t know was that Female Detective novel sales are rocking the kindle bestseller charts!

Women readers have come to dominate fiction. In fact, they represent 75% of the most active e-readers – defined as readers who spend at least 30 minutes a day using electronic books.

Combine this with the fact that Mystery, Thriller & Suspense is one of the best-selling bestseller lists on Kindle.

No wonder, female writers now lead in crime fiction, a genre traditionally associated with men.

And books featuring strong female protagonists have played a major part in this ongoing evolution.

But the book market for female detectives and sleuths is not very transparent.

The K-lytics team took a closer look to solve the problem. Thy even used some “Natural Language Processing” to detect “female protagonists” in book titles and book descriptions.

This K-lytics report reveals the top-performers in this e-book market segment by analyzing more than 25,000 current titles. Get the results from their unique “virtual bestseller list approach.”

And if you think this is only for women – oh, no! There was even a recent article entitled “Why Men Pretend to Be Women to Sell Thrillers.”

Anyway, here is the early-bird link to the research report and video.

=> http://k-lytics.com/dap/a/?a=4117&p=k-lytics.com/female-detectives/