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Welcome to ASMSG. Our mission is to form a community of mutually supportive indie authors. We share and recommend each other’s books, retweet and blog about each other’s books, and work to help one another understand the many social media websites available for marketing. We are committed to providing honest advice on covers and writing for developing authors and the already published alike. We are a close knit and supportive community; we are not only colleagues and professionals, we are friends. Treat your fellow members with friendliness and respect, and you will be able to enjoy one of the best writing groups on the web to the fullest.


1. Avoid disrespectful and offensive language towards other members, especially extreme swearing or other impolite conduct. Keep discussions on topic and don’t attack another person. Not everyone agrees with everyone else, but it’s possible to have debates, without getting rude. Stick to the points and don’t make it personal.

2. Be respectful and tolerant. This is a ‘no hate’ group. There is no discrimination with regards to race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, political or moral beliefs or sexual orientation.

3. Share promotions and events using the appropriate facilities as mentioned in item 4 below.

4. ASMSG is a group of fellow authors and not a target reader audience. Contacting members via direct messaging with promotional spam material without their approval will not be tolerated. ASMSG has provided many different Facebook groups and a website forum for members to request social media sharing and support.

5. Do not impersonate another or misrepresent yourself or your work.

6. Stay on topic in important discussions. Don’t digress.

7. Quality before ego.

8. ASMSG Administration reserves the right to remove anyone from the group for any reason.