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You’re invited to a webinar training called:


Get Your Piece of the $11 Billion Annual “Share Economy” + The Controversial Case Study: How I Drove Over 168K Clicks To My Website With Just One Graphic


Here’s the story….

Pinterest continues to be a great way to drive free traffic to any book listing or offer you have.

And this training will show you how marketing legend John Kremer uses Pinterest to consistently generate traffic for free.

Watch the webinar recording here: https://realfastsocialgraphics.com/travis

One of the main reasons Pinterest is so powerful is the fact that you can get TARGETED traffic from it.

This means that with Pinterest you can attract users who are interested in a specific reading niche.

And it gets better because not only are many Pinterest users interested in niches but they can be absolutely obsessed.

In other words, they are precisely the kind of people you want discovering you and clicking over to your books and offers.

And the best part is Pinterest makes it easy to get clicks from their platform to your websites and book listings.

Catch the webinar replay now; this will make getting free traffic for you much easier in 2018.

Only bringing you the very best,

Travis Luedke,


P.S. John Kremer has some very revealing and useful tricks up his sleeve that you don’t want to miss… https://realfastsocialgraphics.com/travis

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Before I start to
explain the hidden Gem of Goodreads I want to first say to you that If you LOVE
to read I urge you to start a Goodreads account.Goodreads is a social media
site where users can share what they are reading with one another. It has
similarities to Facebook in that you can have a friends list but also
incorporates a library of books that you can add to your profile and show
others what you are reading or what you have already read.

Goodreads explains that you can, “See which books your friends are reading. Track the
books you’re reading, have read, and want to read. Check out your personalized
book recommendations. Our recommendation engine analyzes 20 billion data points
to give suggestions tailored to your literary tastes. Find out if a book is a
good fit for you from our community’s reviews.”

I have my own Goodreads account and love
its main feature of being able to list, write and share reviews of the books
that I have read. There are other features too with the site that I feel do get
overlooked and wanted to shine some light on the hidden gem that I found that
gives access to its users to read Free stories. Here is how you can access Free
1) Login to Goodreads
2) Click the Home tab, you should see a view
similar to my own.
3) Click to Expand the Explore menu
4) Click Creative Writing. This is where all of the
Free stories and books are. The great thing about this page is you can browse
by Categories, Genres, Active, Popular, Friends and New. There is also a small
link, just to the right of “New” called “My Writing” where you can write and
post your own writing. Your writing would then be saved to the “Creative Writing” area for the Goodreads community to see.
5) When you find a story that you are interested in
reading, you can simply read the chapters by clicking on the story title and at
the end of each chapter there is a like button and also share buttons to share
on other social media sites.
Now it is time for you to get started and have a look yourselves.
About the Author: C.R. Misty is currently writing a romance trilogy. Her first book, is available online at KindleNookKoboibookinkteraOverDriveAmazon & Createspace
Her second book, Deeply Bound is currently in the editing stages & excerpts are available to read at WattpadWrite On &Mibba.
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Traditional Publishing: What’s It Good For?

traditional publishing

When I first started working in publishing, no one questioned the value of a publisher.

Now they do.

When I tell nonfiction writers they need to demonstrate to the agent/editor they have a big enough platform—enough visibility—to sell books without the help of a publisher, they’ll ask, “What’s the publisher for then?”

When I tell fiction writers that their work needs to be compelling, polished, and ready for publication before they query, they’ll ask, “What’s the publisher for then?”

Find the full article by Jane Friedman here: https://janefriedman.com/traditional-publishing-whats-it-good-for/


Jane Friedman has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and publishers. From 2001–2010 she worked at Writer’s Digest, where she ultimately became publisher; more recently, she was an editor at the Virginia Quarterly Review, where she led digital strategy. Jane currently teaches writing and publishing at the University of Virginia and is a columnist for Publishers Weekly. The Great Courses just released her 24-lecture series, How to Publish Your Book. She also has a book forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press, The Business of Being a Writer (2017). Jane speaks regularly at conferences and industry events such as BookExpo America, Digital Book World, and the AWP Conference, and has served on panels with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Creative Work Fund. Find out more.
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Today, I am writing to share with you two resources that I hope you will find useful: the first one is a list of sites where authors can submit their books at no cost, whether they run a KCD or a FREE promo. The second one is my personal tasklist that I follow for all my promos. I have always been highly organized so making lists comes naturally to me. Other than the sense of achievement I get when I cross tasks out, it also helps even more to write things down these days, as my memory is not what it used to be!


I have been promising my blog followers to share this list for a while now, but I am a perfectionist, and wanted to get it just right. Also, I kept coming across new lists here and there. It took me just over a year to create this one list, and although it’s not significantly beneficial for KCD promos, it is very useful when you give out your book for FREE. I ran FREE promos for both my books last year, without paying a single dime for ads and still got thousands of downloads just by working this list. Get your copy of it right here. I wish you good luck with it!

In this list, you’ll also find a bunch of Facebook pages and groups to submit your books to, including a Facebook group for Thunderclap campaigns! Join that if you have a Thunderclap campaign and you’ll hit the magic number of 100 supporters easily.


I divide this in three parts: Before, during, and after the promo:


  • Start working on the list of sites I gave you one month in advance.
  • For paid ads, give priority to Bookbub, Booksends and EreaderNewsToday, then book any others around those.
  • Email: office@askdavid.com of the site AskDavid.com and request an email with 10 links free of charge. These 10 links will grant you 10 free tweets to their thousands of followers.
  • Optional: Consider joining a cross-promotion group via Beezeebooks.com. Email Mike Smith at mike@beezeebooks.com and ask him to be registered for this. Very sparsely, he will send you a one-liner to post on Twitter and Facebook. Just copy paste. That’s it. In return, when you have a free or KCD promo, just email Mike, and he’ll get the people in your group to post for you too. It costs nothing and as I said, it won’t take much of your time.
  • Ask a bunch of your author friends to blog about your promo or to tweet about it. It is thoughtful to send them the content ready (for the blog or the tweets). Always offer reciprocation or do something that’s helpful to them. If you prefer to hire a company to organize your book tour, I recommend Book Partners in Crime Promotions.
  • If you have given your book to any readers and their review on Amazon is pending, ask them to download your book during a FREE promo. This way, when they post the review, it will show as ‘verified purchase’.
  • If you have ample time on your hands, you can run a Thunderclap. After all, every little helps. Join this Facebook group to get 100 supporters in a couple of days. I warn you though, you’ll have to dedicate a few hours supporting others first before you can also reap the benefits. If you’re pressed for time, don’t bother with Thunderclap. I’d do it for a new launch, but not sure if it’s more of a time waster than a substantial help with promos.
  • Add a Goodreads event to inform people of the promo.
  • Prepare the text for the tweets and Facebook posts you’ll be issuing during the promo. Use a scheduling service to schedule the tweets so that they go out every couple of hours (I choose a 3-hour interval). For the scheduling service, consider Socialoomph, Hootsuite or Pluggio. Choose about 10 different tweets and run them in a queue on a loop during your promo days. Use any of these hashtags depending on your type of promo: #free #freebie #freebook #freeEbook #freekindle #free4kindle #kindlepromo #sharethefree #99c #99cents #99centkindle. Also, use author-related hashtags that’ll get you retweets. Examples: #ASMSG #IAN1 #IARTG #BYNR


  • Post about your promo on your blog. Share the link on the social media. Make this your pinned tweet too.
  • Go to your blog’s or site’s dashboard and change the header to add an image or a text informing your visitors of your promo. I use headers that I create on the site Canva. You can also use it to make Facebook & Twitter banners and a lot more. It is free, and very easy to use. Below you can see the blog header I created on Canva for my last KCD promo. I used the ‘Blog Title’ option on Canva to create it. I also pinned it on Twitter and Facebook.
When she falls in love, Sofia is haunted
  • Start issuing tweets and Facebook posts about your promo 24/7. Or, if you don’t want to schedule them, at least remember to issue a few manually throughout the day.
  • Submit to the sites on the list I gave you (some accept submissions once the promo is underway and not before). Also start submitting on the Facebook pages/groups you’ll find on that list.
  • Keep track of the blog posts your author friends issue for you. Make sure to comment and share on the social media. Say thank you, including to any visitors or friends of theirs who comment or share.
  • Every night during your promo, around 11pm to midnight EST when things tend to peak, you need to check the Amazon rank for your book. Go to your book product page to find it. If you get to number 1 in any category which means your book will gain bestseller status, make sure to do a screen print at once. Then, use a basic program like Windows Paintbrush to paste it, then crop it and save it for your records. Examples:
necklace 161114 bestseller necklace 131114 1_2_2


  • Go to the queue of tweets you had set up, amend them all by taking out the hashtags and put in these: #amazonprime #kindleunlimited. Tweet those a couple of days after your promo ends. This is a way to take advantage of your book’s temporary high rank. Now that it has good visibility, tweeting with these hashtags will get you borrows. Obviously, the more you will have advertized your book during promo and the more downloads you will have had, the more borrows and proper sales you’ll be getting at this point. Tip: If you run your promo to finish at the exact end of a month, you’ll get more borrows after. This is because many subscribers choose books to borrow in the very beginning of each calendar month.
  • Remove the header from your site/blog, pin something else on Twitter, change back your Facebook and Twitter headers if you had updated them also for the promo.
  • Blog about the results of your promo and share your insights. Pay it forward. It’s good to share information. I’ve just done it for you, and it feels great!

I hope you’ll find my resources and various tips useful! Go on, leave a comment and chip in with your own ideas, any tips, anything that you have found useful during promo. Let us all benefit from it!