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Fellow ASMSG members,

ASMSG membership has been steadily growing and continues to grow in excess of 1000+ authors thanks to your fine referrals. This growth has challenged us to provide quality platforms for social media and sharing our collective publishing and promotional experiences, marketing efforts, and supporting our fellow members. Over the past year we have established a new website with forums for each program and general discussion forums, as well as several Emagazines and genre-focused social media sharing. We have also heard from many members requesting things like educational materials, reviews, manuscript critique and editing, and more genre-focused programs.

The websites, software, and hosting are not without costs. To date, ASMSG administrator Travis Luedke has shouldered the majority of our expenses. He cannot continue to do so without help from our ever-growing membership. Most certainly, we won’t be able to develop additional programs without support from our authors.

In lieu of implementing a yearly membership fee, we request  voluntary contributions. A small donation of $5 – $10 (less than $1 a month on a yearly basis) will enable ASMSG to cover current costs and implement some of the new programs members have requested. Of course, members are encouraged to contribute more as they are willing and able.

In recognition of donations, sponsors will be listed on the   ASMSG sponsor page showing their image and book cover(s) and Amazon link(s) to their book. Sponsors will also be acknowledged in ASMSG emails so that our membership can see their picture and connect them with their published book(s).

Thank you for joining our rapidly growing ASMSG. We look forward to continuing our excellent programs, services, and opportunities.


Travis Luedke

R. Grey Hoover