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Grey Mouse PublishingGrey Mouse Publishing prepares, formats, and publishes anthologies of short stories for ASMSG authors.  All our anthologies are FREE to download.

For a full selection of the titles available, and the distribution channels they can be found on, select a cover below. Thank you for visiting us, and we hope you’ll find an enjoyable read.  If you do, please feel free to review the book on the site you downloaded it from.

A World of Worlds Cover

A World of Worlds

Authors of the Writer’s Circle of ASMSG, pour their hearts, souls, and imaginations into stories of Other World Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Paranormal. Become lost in these genre-bending works and discover gems of short fiction by new authors. From space opera and alien worlds to wizards, warlocks and genies, there’s a little something for everyone.

A World of Joy

A World of Joy

Brought to you by Grey Mouse Publishing and the authors of ASMSG, A World of Joy is a collection of holiday-themed shorts. It is a Yule-tide celebration of joy, hope, renewal, and love. With stories from multiple holiday traditions, geared towards all audiences, this anthology is meant to infuse the reader with the holiday spirit of good cheer.

A World of Romance

A World of Romance

Twenty-two authors, representing dozens in the Writer’s Circle of ASMSG, craft stories of romance, affairs, relationships, and comic romance.  From Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance to a Biker’s Affair, you’ll find imagination, sensuality, love, heartbreak, and happily sexy stories that intrigue and possibly generate a little steam.

A World of Terror New

A World of Terror

The authors of ASMSG have determined this Halloween to be a great time for Terror. Ghouls, ghosts, vamps, death, and psychos reign in World of Terror. Twenty stories of fright and nightmares await you as you peruse these tales of fear and horror. Enjoy, and don’t forget to keep a bed light on just in case.

A World of Possibility

A World of Possibility

In A World of Possibility, you’ll find twenty-six stories of pain, pleasure, anger, despair, fear, love, hatred, passion, and hope. Stories of historic inspiration to the edge of current affairs. Stories that will occupy your thoughts when you turn the lights out, or dance on your mind as you arise with the sun.

A World of Verse

A World of Verse

Twenty-one poets, representing dozens in the Poet’s Circle of ASMSG, pour their hearts, souls, and imaginations into over sixty poems ranging from the anguish of loneliness and the despair of loss to the joy of belonging and the rapture of love. Feel the passion for life within these pages as we celebrate this inaugural collection.