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New book out soon (2 replies and 1 comment)

Sally Jadlow
3 years ago
Sally Jadlow 3 years ago

My new historical fiction (based on fact) will be out next month. "Hard Times in the Heartland" is based on my father's letters during the Depression and WW II. This is the third of the trilogy in "The Late Sooner" series. Second book: "The Late Sooner's Daughter."

Do any of you have novels written in this era? Any ideas for a good market? It will be available on Amazon in e-reader and paperback, as are the others.

Travis Luedke
3 years ago
Travis Luedke 3 years ago

Grey Hoover wrote a novel about the Pacific campaign in WWII, called Kicker. You should chat with him!

My own grandfather wrote a book about his time in a Japanese prison camp on a pacific island. It didn't get any real distribution, and has been out of print for decades. I was thinking of getting the rights from the publisher and doing a new edition and publish it myself. But, I'm really not a hist. fiction guy, though I have read quite a few historical pieces.

I wrote a dark fantasy novel, The Nightlife Paris, that has huge segment of flashback to WWII Paris, German occupation, and I'm a fan of Ken Follet and Alan Furst, but, WWII historical is really not my genre or focus. I just happened to have picked up those novels along the way.

And, Victoria Dougherty wrote a novel of WWII and post WWII Prague called The Bone Church. She's big into historical noir and suspense.


Sally Jadlow
3 years ago

Hmmm. Thanks for the info. You might want to consider getting the rights. This Dec. is the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor which would give you an advantage in marketing.

3 years ago
Travis Luedke 3 years ago

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