WP Symposium Pro - Extensions Plugin

This demonstration has expired, please purchase a licence or uninstall the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin - get a valid licence code here.

This site runs a private forum for members of ASMSG. It is expected that members:

  • Do not divulge personal information or copy and paste/ quote forum posts outside of ASMSG.
  • Keep your account information private. Do not share your login details.
  • Observe our Code of Conduct.
  • Read and note the following:

Forum posts: All member accessible forum posts and and comments /replies are visible to all ASMSG members. There is an Admin forum to help manage and moderate the side visible only to moderators and administrators of the site. In other words, your forum posts and comments should be fit for ASMSG consumption and based on our code of conduct, for public consumption too. The forums are not a private mail facility.

Activity posts from your profile page: Activity posts and comments /replies are visible to the poster, their friends, anyone they direct a post to (by posting it on another member’s profile page), AND the administrators of this website. Although the activity posts directed to just one member do have a modicum of privacy, please do not assume this to be like private mail.

Private Mail A limited form of private mail was available on the website. Although this is no longer available, please note, that administrators of the website do have access to all private mail via the dashboard.

Disclaimer: This is a private group. The staff and members of ASMSG take no responsibility for the actions of members. However, members who do not adhere to our code of conduct, rules of operation, or prove to be disruptive, will have their membership revoked. The Admin’s decision is final on this point.