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Joan Barbara Simon (1 reply)

Travis Luedke
5 years ago
Travis Luedke 5 years ago

joan barbara simon



Joan Barbara Simon (Ph.D.); novelist, poetess, songwriter. Lecturer. Researcher. Trouble-maker. ‘Brainy little nympho’. Reaping 5-star reviews and making it my mission to look more closely at undefined spaces as the best way to resist the temptation, the comfort, of easy answers. I’m interested in a broad range of language-related issues. Currently wrapping my brain around the political properties of words as polysemic, plurilingual, polychronic, liminal entities and the nature of their common borders with visual arts and gendered realities. That said, I’m a nice girl, so talk to me.


4 years ago
Travis Luedke 4 years ago

Closed due to inactivity.

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